Courses for Teachers – Spanish 1


Designed specifically for Primary School practitioners who have limited or no knowledge of the language they have to teach. Learn at your own pace and apply your new skills directly to your class. Extra resources are provided to support language learning and teaching in school.


Innovative feature! “To teach is to learn twice”: at the end of each lesson, teach your new Spanish skills to you class. Extra resources are provided to support language learning and teaching in school.

  • Boost your confidence in Spanish.
  • Learn at your own pace, from home or at school.
  • 12 lessons available on computer, tablet or phone through our webapp.
  • Original videos and animations.
  • Voices of native speakers.
  • Fun quiz at the end of each lesson to reinforce your new learning.

Example of video/animation

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LEVEL 1 of our PowerLanguage online Spanish course for teachers


Lesson 1 – Greet people and express feelings
Lesson 2 – Say your name and ask someone’s name, spell out your name and identify some basic rules of Spanish pronunciation
Lesson 3 – Say where you live and ask someone where they live, say your nationality and use masculine and feminine adjectives
Lesson 4 – Say how old you are, ask someone’s age, practise numbers up to 69 and say the date of your birthday
Lesson 5 – Express likes and dislikes and recognise definite and indefinite articles as well as masculine/feminine/singular and plural forms of nouns
Lesson 6 – Use regular verbs in the present tense and put verbs in the negative form
Lesson 7 – Say the date, talk about the weather and give classroom instructions
Lesson 8 – Place some adjectives into a sentence and compare the verbs “ser” and “estar” (to be)
Lesson 9 – Use adjectives to describe yourself and other people, ask questions (part 1)
Lesson 10 – Ask questions (part 2) and tell the time
Lesson 11 – Talk about what you eat, meal times in Spain and prices in euros
Lesson 12 – Talk about what you do in our spare time, including playing musical instruments


You have free access to this course for 6 months starting on the date of purchase.