Courses for Schools – French Transition


The price is £10 per registered Secondary Pupil. The course, aimed at pupils in their last year of Primary, recaps and consolidates key language structures and skills which are essential to a good transition into Secondary school.


A structured course taught by Senior Pupils with support from the Primary Class Teacher.

  • 4 lessons available on computer, tablet or phone through our web app.
  • Original resources, activities, animations and videos with native speakers.
  • Overviews, Teachers’ Notes, Instruction cards and Key Language documents with sound files support the delivery of the course every step of the way.

Innovative feature! Senior secondary pupils guide the class and manage the pace of learning with support from the Primary practitioner. Everyone learns together!

Example of resources provided:

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French Transition course for schools


Lesson 1 – Use greetings, talk about ourselves, practise numbers 0-20
Lesson 2 – Describe ourselves, practise numbers 21-31
Lesson 3 – Say what we like and dislike (food, sports), practise numbers 0-69
Lesson 4 – Talk about our family and pet(s), practise numbers 0-100+


You have free access to this course for 1 year starting on the date of purchase.