Home Learning for Families – French 1


This program is designed for schools wishing to strengthen Home Learning and promote Home-School Partnership

The licence covers up to 200 families (users) and gives them access to all videos and resources for a 3-month duration from the date of activation of the coupon. 

Some schools which have previously purchased this Course used their Pupil Equity Funding to cover the cost. 


Children: teach French to… your teacher!

Parents, carers and other members of the family will not only exemplify Lifelong Learning to their children, they will also be able to share their own learning with them.

6 lessons available on computer, tablet or phone through our webapp.

  • Boost adults and children’s confidence in French.
  • Discover cultural facts about France through our interactive animations and cultural quizzes.
  • Learn at your own pace, from home.
  • Reinforce the link between home learning and school learning.

Innovative feature! Learn and teach French TOGETHER as a family through our original animations, videos of native speakers and songs.

Free printable booklet included, designed to support and enhance your learning experience. You will be able to write down notes linked to each video, animation, and podcast. At the end of each lesson, write down what you have learned in your Learning Log. Colour flashcards have been included for extra game and to provide visual clues when needed.

Additional information


LEVEL 1 of our PowerLanguage online French course for families


Lesson 1 – Greet people and express feelings
Lesson 2 – Say our name and ask someone’s name
Lesson 3 – Say where we live and ask someone where they live
Lesson 4 – Say our nationality and revise what we’ve learned so far
Lesson 5 – Say how old we are, ask someone their age, practise numbers up to 69
Lesson 6 – Revise and consolidate


Printable booklet for Lessons 1 to 6 included.


You have free access to this course for 3 months starting on the date of purchase.