Spanish – Lesson 6

We are … Revising and consolidating.

Put these sentences in the right order. Can you try and read each sentence out loud?

  1. María llamo me
  2. en vivo Canberra Australia en
  3. española soy
  4. treinta tengo nueve y años
  5. ? cuántos ¿ tienes años
  6. fenomenal ¡ estoy !


In this video you will get to practise what you have learnt in Lessons 1 to 6 to talk about yourself.

And now for a bit of exercise – in Spanish!

Why not meet up with other parents and their children, and organise some simple games, which can be played indoors or outdoors?

¿Qué hora es señor Lobo?

Watch the video of Spanish children playing this popular game (What time is it Mr Wolf?). Then watch the animation which presents the vocabulary for the game. Can you play ¿Qué hora es señor Lobo? with your family/friends?

Challenge 1 – Role play

Imagine you’re meeting someone for the first time… Can you invent some short dialogues and perform them in front of other members of your family?

Challenge 2 – Talking

¿Quién quiere ganar un millón de chuches? (Who wants to win a million sweeties?): create your own quiz using the template provided. Ask questions related to what you have learned during the course.

Quiz template

Children: Suggested School Challenge!

Can you play “Peces – Pescadores” at school during your PE lesson?