French – Lesson 6

We are … Revising and Consolidating

• Manon m’appelle je
• en j’habite Australie Canberra à
• suis je française
• trente ai ans neuf j’
• as âge tu quel ?
• super va ça bien


And now for a bit of exercise – in French!

Why not meet up with other parents and their children, and organise some simple games, which can be played indoors or outdoors?

The PowerPoint contains instructions for 3 French games (with sound files as well as an English translation): Quelle heure est-il Monsieur le Loup ? (What’s the time Mr Wolf?), Poissons – Pêcheurs (Fish and Fishermen) and Le facteur n’est pas passé (The postman hasn’t come around yet).

Have fun!

Challenge 1 – ICT

Watch these videos below. Use Tellagami (iOS app) or Voki (Android app) to record a self portrait following the same model. Get other family members to create their own animation. Share it with friends or other relatives!

Challenge 2 – Quiz

Qui veut gagner un million de bonbons ? (Who wants to win a million sweeties?): create your own quiz using the template provided. Ask questions to your family related to what you have learned during the course.

Quiz Template

Children: Suggested School Challenge!

Can you play “les poissons et les pêcheurs” at school during your PE lesson?

Les poissons et les pêcheurs