French – Lesson 4

We are learning to.… Say our nationality and revise what we’ve learned so far

In this animation, you will learn how to say your nationality. You will also get to practise questions and
answers from Lessons 1 to 3.

Using the tune of the song in Lesson 1, Suggested school challenge, write new lyrics, using what you have
learnt so far. Make sure you sing it to your friends and family.

For example:
Salut ça va.
Je m’appelle Paul.
Je suis français.
J’habite à Paris.

Have you heard of la pétanque? Have you ever seen it being played?

Listen to this podcast to find out more about France’s No1 sport! Why not go online and google a video of French people playing Pétanque to help you visualise it?


Remember to check your knowledge by doing our quiz! Who got the highest score? Adults or children… ?

La Pétanque

Challenge 1 – Listening

Watch the 2 videos below in which French children introduce themselves.

What can you find out about them?
Can you try to write some of their answers in French?

Challenge 2 – Translation

Can you translate these sentences into English?

1. Salut. Comment tu t’appelles ?
2. Je suis américaine et j’habite à Chicago.
3. Je m’appelle Gabriel.
4. Ça va comme ci, comme ça !
5. Tu habites où ?


Children: Suggested School Challenge!

Draw a picture of yourself. Add a speech bubble and write some information about yourself. Ask your teacher to make a display of all the portraits in your school.

Use this format: Bonjour ! Je m’appelle Marie. Je suis française. J’habite à Paris, en France. Au revoir !

Once you’ve managed your 3 Challenges, you can start lesson 5!