French – Lesson 3

We are learning to.… Say where we live and ask someone where they live

Start with a little revision: how many French first names can you remember? Are they boys’ names or girls’ names? How many words for greetings and emotions do you remember?

If you remember more than 6 names, 2 greetings and 3 types of emotions, bravo, you can start lesson 3!

In this animation, you will learn how to ask someone where they live and say in which city/town/village and country you live.

You will see that countries in French are either feminine or masculine, as are all French nouns!

This animation recaps the various ways of saying where you live. Can you remember some of the rules that apply here?

Used in many languages across the globe, the word “restaurant” has its origins deeply rooted in French culture.

In this third podcast, you will hear where and when it all started: in the gastronomic capital of the world, of course!
Bon appétit !


Remember to check your knowledge by doing our quiz! Who got the highest score? Adults or children… ?


Challenge 1 – Talking

Using first your real identity and then a fictitious one, record with your child a little dialogue with Sock puppet (a free app) or Voki (works on Apple products and Android). Speak slowly and clearly and send your dialogue to another member of your family!

If you don’t have a tablet, you can use the puppet from Lesson 1, then film your dialogue and email it to someone you know.

Remember to use greetings, ask for their name and where they live. Use Et toi ? (and you) if you’re talking to your child/family member, or Et vous ? (and you) if you want to make it a bit more formal.

Challenge 2 – Researching

Have a look online at La Francophonie, which is a term used to designate the French speaking world ( Find out some facts about it.

How many people speak French around the world? Where? French is the official language of which international organisations? Share the results of your research with your child and/or other family members.

You could also create a colourful poster about the French speaking world.

Children: Suggested School Challenge!

In order to practise your French pronunciation, learn this little poem called Petit Luc (little Luke) and teach it to your family. Don’t hesitate to invent some actions using your hands to accompany the story!

Petit Luc Text

Once you’ve managed your 3 Challenges, you can start lesson 4!