French – Lesson 2

We are learning to … Say our name and ask someone’s name

In this video, you will learn how to ask someone’s name and say your name in French, and start looking at useful rules of French pronunciation.

In this short animation, you will listen to French children saying their name.

Make a note of the names you can hear.

In this video, you will look at which first names are the most popular for French children at the moment, and, in the process, continue to learn important rules of French pronunciation.

This animation will present you with some very important rules of French pronunciation.

Make a note if you can of the 5 rules and of some of the first names mentioned here.

How many English words do you think come from French? Watch the animation to find out, and discover how the Norman invasion of 1066 changed the fate of the English language forever!

Remember to check your knowledge by doing our quiz! Who got the highest score? Adults or children… ?

Norman words in the English Language

Challenge 1 – Arts & Crafts

With your child, make a French name badge. Choose your French name from the list below. Make a badge with your name. You can watch the little animation to see how this can be done!

Examples of girls’names: Sophie, Louise, Marie, Clara, Emma, Manon, Camille, Romane

Examples of boys’names: Nathan, Jules, Lucas, Hugo, Léo, Martin, Clément

Challenge 2 – Talking

Draw a face on your thumb: 2 dots for the eyes and a line underneath for the mouth! Get other members of your family to do the same. Create a short dialogue between all of you, greeting each other and asking for each other’s name.

Why not try to use some popular French names from the list below on top of your real names?

French first names

Children: Suggested School Challenge!

Using the popular French names, explain 2 rules of French pronunciation to other members of your family or to your friends.

Do they wish they’d covered these rules when they started learning French at school? Can your child share these rules with his/her teacher? Write them down in the box provided below if you want!

Once you’ve managed your 3 Challenges, you can start lesson 3!