French – Lesson 1

We are learning to … Greet people and express feelings.

In this video, you will see French people greeting each other in various ways. Make a note, if you can,
of the various greetings you can hear. Notice and discuss with your child all the cultural elements in
the video. What catches your eye? In what ways does it look different from your home country?

In this animation, you will learn some of the phrases used for greeting someone in French at various
points of the day and in different contexts.

This short animation with voices of native French children will present you with possible answers to the “Ça va ?” (How are you?) question.

Make a note, if you can, of these answers.

In this animation, you will learn various ways to respond to the “Ça va ?” question, as well as express other feelings and emotions.

Watch the following animations to find out some cultural aspects of France. Each animation is mainly in English, with a few French words/expressions. They are all “stand alone” animations and don’t have to follow a particular order.

Le tourisme en France

Le Tour de France

La Tour Eiffel

La fête nationale

Remember to check your knowledge by doing our quiz! Who got the highest score? Adults or children… ?

10 Facts About France

Challenge 1 – Game

Download the flashcards with various greetings and emotions below and bring them up on your screen/tablet. You will also find them in a printed format at the end of your Course Booklet!

Teach your child/family members the difference between all these greetings, and how to respond to them. Embed them as part of your morning and/or evening routine for one week or more! There are various games you can play with a printed set of Flashcards, such as “mime the flashcard”, “find the missing flashcard” (KIM’s game); or with two sets: memory game, snap game, etc.

Les émotions


Challenge 2 – Talking

Make your own hand-puppet or use a shop-bought one (or one of your child’s cuddly toys), and practise saying greetings and expressing feelings with your child. Make sure that after a while, your child uses the puppet and becomes the one asking you questions such as Ça va ? or saying bonjour etc.

Keep using the puppet throughout this course. It is a great tool which will help you give a context to the learning of French at home. Remember, the puppet only speaks French and everybody should have a go at it!

Children: Suggested School Challenge!

Learn the song “Salut ça va ?” as a family. You will find the words printed in your booklet, and a video of the song below. Play the song as often as you can and sing it at home or on your journey to school!

Now share what you’ve learned with your family in your school! Can you perform this song in your class or during Assembly for example.

Once you’ve managed your 3 Challenges, you can start lesson 2!