Spanish 1 for Teachers

Hola, ¡bienvenidos!

Welcome to LEVEL 1 of our PowerLanguage on-line Spanish course. This programme has been created for Primary teachers who are already teaching Spanish in their class or need support before they start introducing the language. It is aimed at non-specialist teachers who have limited knowledge of Spanish or might lack confidence in the Spanish that they know.

The course has 12 lessons which should take approximately one school term or more to complete, including your homework. Lessons contain a mixture of videos from our Spanish tutors, short films shot on location in Spain, animations as well as PowerPoint and Word documents, which all combine to help you enhance your Spanish grammar, syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation.

We believe that teachers can send a strong message to their learners – exemplifying Lifelong Learning – by telling them that they are embarking on an on-line course to develop their own language skills. In fact, part of the homework at the end of each lesson – which we have called “Challenges” – is to apply your newly acquired knowledge to your class. It will reinforce your learning, work as an assessment for the lesson, and of course benefit your pupils! You may take as much time as you need after each lesson to complete your 3 Challenges, before you move on to the next lesson.

There are times during the course when you will be encouraged to get in touch with us by e-mail so that we can follow your progress. Feel free to ask us any questions on these occasions. You could also identify a parent, friend or colleague within your school or wider community who would like to learn alongside you or would be able to support you throughout your learning journey. Finally, you might want to keep a learning/reflection log or journal detailing your journey through the course, including your frustrations and achievements!

Please pause the videos at regular intervals to practise a word or a sentence. You should try to say them out loud several times, don’t just say them in your head, the words have to come out!

We hope you enjoy your course. Do not hesitate to send us feed-back on



Spanish 1 – Lesson 2

We are learning to… Say our name and ask someone’s name, spell out our name and identify some basic rules of Spanish pronunciation.

Spanish 1 – Lesson 3

We are learning to… Say where we live and ask someone where they live, say our nationality and use masculine and feminine adjectives.

Spanish 1 – Lesson 4

We are learning to… Say how old we are, ask someone’s age, practise numbers up to 69, and say the date of our birthday.

Spanish 1 – Lesson 5

We are learning to… Express likes and dislikes, recognise definite and indefinite articles and singular and plural forms of nouns.

Spanish 1 – Lesson 6

We are learning to… Use regular verbs in the present tense and put verbs in the negative form.

Spanish 1 – Lesson 8

We are learning to… Place some adjectives into a sentence and compare the verbs “ser” and “estar” (to be).

Spanish 1 – Lesson 9

We are learning to… Use adjectives to describe ourselves and other people, ask questions (part 1).

Spanish 1 – Lesson 12

We are learning to… Talk about what we do in our spare time, including playing musical instruments.