Spanish – Lesson 5

We are learning to … Say how old we are, ask someone their age, practise numbers up to 69.

In this animation, you will learn how to count up to 19 in Spanish.

You can also download the PowerPoint called “Numbers”, which includes sound files, to check and practise your numbers further.

In this video, you will learn how to ask someone their age and say your age.

In the previous video, we have used some numbers higher than 19. In this animation, you will learn how to count from 20 to 69 in Spanish, so you can say older people’s age, and also do some maths in Spanish…

Watch and listen to this fun song and go over numbers in Spanish.

Make sure you invent a dance to go with the song!

Games play a big part in a child’s learning of a foreign language.

Learn the rhyme “Pito pito gorgorito”, which is the Spanish equivalent of “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” and use it as often as you can to decide who is starting a game or doing the dishes… You will definitely need it for your Lesson 6 Cultural Activity!


Pito, pito, gorgorito,

¿dónde vas tan bonito?

a la era de la abuela,

pim, pam, fuera.

Challenge 1 – Write a song

Create a little song to the tune of “She’ll be coming down the mountain” using words such as: Me llamo Ana y tengo 9 años, ¡9 años! Vivo en Edimburgo en Escocia, ¡en Escocia! Etc.


Challenge 2 – Health and Wellbeing

It’s time to do a bit of exercise! Watch the animations, repeat and mime the actions. Don’t forget to check the Word document, it contains the script and the instructions for the activity “De la semilla al árbol” (From Seed to Tree).

Yoga postures

From Seed to Tree

De la semilla al árbol – Script and instructions

Children: Suggested School Challenge!

And now… are you ready to play a game? Practise your Spanish and have fun playing with your family! Please refer to the booklet to see what games you could play.

Can you organise a game with all members of your family/community?

Once you’ve managed your 3 Challenges, you can start lesson 6!